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From Sylvain Wallez <>
Subject Re: [status & RT] design challenges
Date Mon, 08 Apr 2002 11:41:16 GMT
Stefano Mazzocchi wrote:

>Ovidiu Predescu wrote:
>>They already live together!
>Ok, but what I want is:
> 1) merge 'schecoon' with the trunk
> 2) have the ability to mount a 'flowmap' into a 'sitemap' and a
>'sitemap' into a 'flowmap'.
>Until I have this, they are not living together in my book.
>Now, I'll be in favor of 'branching the CVS module' to keep the '2.0.x'
>series clean and start moving stuff from the scratchpad into the trunk
>and name that 2.1-dev
>I want more visibility for what currently lies in the scratchpad because
>I think that currently Schecoon is an 'internal fork' and I personally
>don't consider it *working* in Cocoon until the two things are merged
>What do you think?

I think there's been a long time since you looked at what's in 
scratchpad/schecoon ;)

Seriously : schecoon *was* a kind of internal fork when it was a 
scheme-only reimplementation of the sitemap engine. But Ovidiu has 
rewrote the whole thing since there are continuations in Rhino. It's now 
"just" a couple of new components and treeprocessor nodes. Integration 
with the main trunk requires only a few lines to be added to 
cocoon.roles and treeprocessor-builtins.xml !


Sylvain Wallez
  Anyware Technologies                  Apache Cocoon 

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