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From Daniel Fagerström <>
Subject Re: [SUMMARY] Viva la Multiplexer! (was: [Contribution] Pipe-aware selection)
Date Fri, 05 Apr 2002 15:11:42 GMT
Stefano Mazzocchi wrote:

> Daniel Fagerström wrote:


> We all want this. But I *DO*NOT* want to start tweaking the sitemap
> elegance before the flowmaps are implemented.
> My personal perception is that we are using the 'hammer antipattern'
> here: the sitemap is the hammer, and everything looks like a nail.

Or maybe Occam's razor: "one should not increase, beyond what is 
necessary, the number of entities required to explain anything" ;)


> For sure we need more symmetry and more functionality in the pipelines.
> If multiplexing and pipe-aware selection are the way to implement them
> is yet to be understood.

Agreed, it is definitly my, (and all the other raving "pipe-aware 
selection" fans out there ;) ) resposibility to provide examples on how 
elegantly you can construct webapps with the help of just a few extra 
sitemap components. I hope to be able to provide some example code and 
an RT quite soon. Until then some sceptisism seem like a sound strategy.

>>I know that there have been a lot of concern about that a DOM-based
>>pipe-aware selection mechanism would be a performance bottleneck, but:
> Agreed. My concerns are *not* implementation-wise, I'm *never* concerned
> by implementations because a community can always make it better.

Good, I know that you have said so before, but it is anyway a relief to 
hear you saying that in this particular context.

> I'm concerned by architecture design because I don't think that it's
> equivally easy to progressively refine an architecture, expecially when
> you need to provide back compatibility from each incremental step.

> It's easy to add stuff, much easier than *not* to add stuff.
Yes, these are _very_ important concerns, there might be a quite thin line 

between entropy death from due to added features and stagnation death due

to fear of adding anything at all.

I can asure you that architectural and conceptual elegance is extremely 
important for me. I have struggled with how to handle webapps with a 
minimal number, efficient, and easy to understand concepts for months. 
That of course doesn't necesarily means that the results of my thinking 
is the best possible way of solving this issues, but at least I take 
these things seriously.

Anyway I'l try to finish some examples and I'l also repackage the pipe-aware

selector code to a scratchpad contribution and put my hope on that some

kind commiter will add it :) In that case I need a small, small addition

to one of the support classes in the interpreted sitemap - please, please

consider adding it ;)

/Daniel Fagerstrom

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