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From Enke Michael <>
Subject Re: SOLVED: Pool: NoValidConnectionException on jdk1.4 -> Berin, please read this
Date Tue, 02 Apr 2002 12:07:43 GMT
Christopher Watson wrote:
> Michael,
> Well done, many thanks.

You are welcome ;-)

> I've meantime gone back to jdk1.3 ! Now, dare I go back forward again to
> jdk1.4 ? (Guess that's my problem to decide!)

No other limitations known.

> I'm guessing your excellent work is so far a kind of temporary workaround?
> Do you see this getting incorporated into a new excalibur jar in cocoon CVS
> in the near future?
> Would that be someting Berin would do?

Yes, he will do this (if he is yet following this thread).
He is a committer and can check in.

> If not, could you advise me which excalibur sources to edit (CVS - which
> branch, or dist, or what)
> and also which jars to build excalibur against, and where to get them?

I also have the problem with logkit but this is not urgent to me.
untar, cd jakarta-avalon-excalibur
  cd all/src/scratchpad/org/apache/avalon/excalibur/datasource
  line 106 and 156: change JdbcConnection to Jdbc3Connection (both)
  -> ONLY FOR JDK1.4 <-
./ (in jakarta-avalon-excalibur) will do the job, creates excalibur-all.jar
Remove in cocoon/WEB-INF/lib avalon-excalibur-4.1.jar and avalon-excalibur-scratchpad-20020212.jar
copy excalibur-all.jar to this location.

But: Berin wrote: He will change it in both classes.
I don't know what he means with "both classes".
I guess he means
there are also references to JdbcConnection, but changing this to Jdbc3Connection has no effect
because "my cocoon configuration" uses ResourceLimitingJdbcConnectionPool instead of JdbcConnectionPool.

Happy cocooning,

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