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From Diana Shannon <>
Subject Re: Search Engine Optimization and Cocoon (long!)
Date Sat, 13 Apr 2002 10:13:51 GMT

Thanks for the great read!

> Part 7: other things you should know
> -----------------------------------------------------
> A. Querystrings (everything behind a ? in the URL)
> Most major search engines hate querystrings.  They assume that the 
> query strings are used for database access and dynamic page 
> generation.  This can give them a "black hole" where they eventually 
> index a complete database.  Altavista clearly states that they will 
> index a page with querystrings, but won't follow any links.  Google is 
> one of the first to start indexing pages with querystrings.  They are 
> very coutious and will go only a certain levels.

Now that we can effectively rewrite page URLs without query strings 
using C2, do you think it's simply a matter of resubmitting to search 
engines to remove any existing search engine links to the "old" pages? 
In the meantime, I suppose we could leave up a pipeline up, that maps 
the old URLs with query strings to the new URL without query strings 
(and monitor logs to determine when/if to delete them down the road.)

Would that be your approach for updating old sites?


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