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From Jason Foster <>
Subject Re: Continuation-enabled Rhino status (was: Re: [vote] Starting 2.1-dev)
Date Wed, 10 Apr 2002 18:02:34 GMT
> For example it would be nice to have language constructs that
> tell that a variable's value should not be captured in a continuation,
> and how its value could be restored after the continuation is
> resurrected.

A portion of this can be handled by the "volatile" and "transient" reserved 
words, that currently do not have any particular semantics.

The ECMAScript 4 proposal also includes support for "getters" and "setters"
  that could possibly be hooked into the continuation system to deal with 
the "restoring after resurrection" problem, much like Java2 reference 

OK, I'm a little fixated on JavaScript :)  That's because I understand 
immediately how to solve a problem in that style of language.  I've stared 
at a few books describing Scheme and the like, and so far I'm (sort of) 
comfortable writing the Towers of Hanoi but the thought of doing "real" 
coding fills me with dread.

Jason Foster

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