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From Bertrand Delacretaz <>
Subject Re: Document Gestation Process?
Date Mon, 29 Apr 2002 14:14:37 GMT
On Monday 29 April 2002 16:02, Diana Shannon wrote:
>. . .
> - Does cocoon-dev want to review each and every topic proposed, or do
> you want me/other document-oriented committers to handle topic
> submissions?
>. . .

A specific cocoon-docs list for documentation developers would help a lot 
IMHO. Cocoon-dev is busy enough, and I like the idea of motivating users that 
might not be programmers to contribute to the docs. 

By the way, does your documentation process account for translations in other 
languages? Making them part of the scheme could be useful in the near future, 
depending on how many "doc-committers" show up ;-)

>. . .
> - How do we match SMEs to documentation efforts, particularly for
> advanced topics? 
>. . .

I'd use the "docs" list for this as well, and let the experts speak up 
without designating them from the start. Maybe a set of subject line tags 
([DOC-REVIEW], [TOPIC-QUERY], etc.) would help. These "open reviews" work 
well for code now, I don't think a more formal process is needed.

On another subject, I think publishing documents with numbered paragraphs 
(and numbering documents themselves?) would help during the reviewing stage, 
allowing terse but precise quotations.

 Bertrand Delacrétaz (,

 buzzwords: XML, java, XSLT, cocoon, mentoring/teaching/coding.
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