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From Christian Haul <>
Subject Re: esql.xsl and postgres datatypes
Date Wed, 03 Apr 2002 14:39:23 GMT
On 03.Apr.2002 -- 12:34 PM, Enke Michael wrote:
> Hi,
> in postgres you have datatypes which are not in the sql standard
> and you can define your own datatypes.
> Two datatypes from postgres that I use often are bit() and bit varying().
> If I call <esql:get-columns/> than the page crahses because the column type
> for bit and bit varying is java.sql.Types.OTHER
> Look at this snippet from esql:xsl:

>    case java.sql.Types.OTHER: // This is what Informix uses for Sets, Bags, Lists
>       this._esql_printObject(_esql_query.getResultSet().getObject(_esql_i), xspAttr);
>       break;

> We get the Exception because in the postgres driver there is no getObject for bit or
bit varying,

?? jdbc specifies that _every_ type can be fetched by using getObject!
(and every type can be set by using setObject) Well, LOBs are an
exception to this rule.

You're absolutely sure it's the getObject method that causes the grief?

> but get-string-encoded for such columns is ok (you can of course define your own extension
> I would propose to switch between different database systems in "case java.sql.Types.OTHER"
> Can anybody using Informix tell me what is the result of "connection.getMetaData().getURL();"?

The very URL that was used when connecting to the DB

> Should we make "String jdbcSource;" public in EsqlConnection?

Would be a possibility.


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