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From Christian Haul <>
Subject Re: ESQL retake
Date Tue, 02 Apr 2002 10:34:32 GMT
On 31.Mar.2002 -- 08:58 PM, Elias Karakoulakis wrote:
> Hello all,
> I attach a protomorph of what I think will be the notorious ESQL
> logicsheet rewritten almost from scratch. I need your feedback on this,
> since I think it will be difficult to reimplement it without your
> opinions!

And I need your comments to understand your ZIP :-) i.e. what are
those files and why is there a .cocoon2 file?

[your readme]
> Ignition-sequence for my efforts: nested groups
> => -PITA- to debug/implement with the current logicsheet

I beg to differ.

> => no aggregates! what's the use in groups without aggregate functions ?!

I don't think it is a good idea to create your own SQL inside a
logicsheet. Grouping is fine as long as it's used to /remove/
/duplicate/ /values/ i.e. formatting -- everything else is no business
for the esql logicsheet.


		john doe | cs101   			john doe | cs101
		john doe | cs102    =>  	         | cs102
		jane doe | cs101   			jane doe | cs101

> so I took a "serialized" approach to the problem:
> 1) first, I write a properly defined Schema for ESQL.

Great! A schema definition would help a lot.

> 2) then, I map schema types to xsl templates.

A bit confusing at first...

> 3) finally, I try to define the needs of the helper class and move as much
> code away from the logicsheet as possible.

OK -- could you be a bit more specific on what you actually moved
(apart from the grouping stuff)? BTW your switch style for multiple
values reads terrible...

> My initial target is to make this implementation of ESQL 100% compatible

PLEASE use a different namespace and prefix! Whatever you do -- as
long as it is not a proven drop in replacement your approach needs to
live happily together with the original esql. It might require quite
some time to prove the compatibility.

> with the current logicsheet. However, I obsoleted the usage of
> <esql:get(datatype)/> tags because it's meaningless to map JDBC datatypes
> to a weakly-typed environment such as XML text nodes.

Yes and no. For print out you're right. For logic it's essential.

> Questions:
> 1) backward compatibility: how big an issue?


> 2) multiple connections per logicsheet: would we be needing them?

We need everything we have.


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