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From Nick Airey <>
Subject Programmatic invalidation of cache
Date Fri, 26 Apr 2002 08:13:24 GMT

This is reposted to dev list because there was no answer on the users

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From: Nick Airey <>
To: Cocoon Users <>
Subject: Programmatic invalidation of cache
Date: 25 Apr 2002 17:29:55 +0100

Hello everyone, 

I have some custom generators which are working well, and are caching
according to various strategies, as implemented in CacheValidity

Is it possible to programatically invalidate the cache for a particular
generator/key combination?

For instance, I am caching some data under a "long" representing a user
session id. When the user logs out, that user session id could be
reassigned to the next new user. Obviously any data cached under this
number must be removed from the cache as the old guy leaves.

Perhaps I could explicitly put null data into it, but I think it's
cleaner if there is a hook which allows me to kill the cache for that

Any ideas?


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