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From Nick Airey <>
Subject Bean generator
Date Fri, 12 Apr 2002 09:08:56 GMT

Hello everyone, 

I think it would be useful to have a "BeanGenerator", which basically
generates SAX events based on a java bean.

I already have written several of these, customized according to various
java bean structures, but I see I am going to need more of them, so it
would be cool to replace all of these generators with a single generator
which uses bean introspection to generate SAX events.

In my case, the beans in question are value objects returned from EJB
middleware, and cocoon is doing all the presentation layer processing.

My question is: does something like this exist already? I suspect not.

If not, my second question is: does anyone know a good (open) framework 
for converting beans to SAX events. I have been doing some research, and
have come across several projects:

Looks promising, but doesn't (yet) have a SAX writer. 


Stars in the WROX "Java XML" book, published 2001, chapter 6.

Can anyone comment on which would be a good way to go. Of course, if
this is considered to be generally useful, I would be happy to donate
the code for the resulting generator to the cocoon project.


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