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From Nick Airey <>
Subject AbstractAction Poolable?
Date Wed, 10 Apr 2002 16:38:19 GMT
Hello everyone,

I have also posted this question on cocoon-users today - apologies to
those who have seen this there:

Currently AbstractAction doesn't implement Poolable (itself or in base
classes). That explains why there are no examples of pooled actions
in the current sample sitemap.  Also, the Poolable interface is simply a
marker, so it is trivial to make my action "poolable". 

So I did a quick test by simply:

a) making my action implement Poolable, and
b) adding pool-max, pool-min, pool-grow to the sitemap definition for
that action

And it works.  :-)

(well, at least, it seems to work. I can see the pool being created, and
an element being retrieved as needed) My other actions are
created/destroyed every time.

So does anyone have any ideas why say AbstractAction doesn't implement
poolable? Is there something I'm missing that will bite me?


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