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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: --- Help with document classification ---
Date Fri, 26 Apr 2002 12:30:15 GMT

>    | -----  FAQ Document -----|
> Purpose
> Addresses holes or ambiguity in docs, bugs in code.

Has many pruposes. Also is something that gets asked frequently.
Some things are so fundamentally hard to grasp, or so commonly
misunderstood. This is not due to deficiency in any doco. This
type of FAQ remains forever.

> Provides a quick 
> (though not always the best) way to update docs.

I am not sure what you mean here.

> Frequency of use
> Specfic FAQ item tends to be read only once.
> Nature of Content
> Very narrow and specific scope. However, some content overlap (with 
> other docs) is both necessary and unavoidable. Most answers will be 
> short/concise but others may be longer.

All should link directly to further info.

> Potential Contributors
> All levels of users. Developers.
> Evolution/Lifetime
> Lifetime is variable. Some FAQs will eventually be migrated into other 
> docs, e.g. guides and how-tos. Others will be eliminated by software and 
> document updates.
> Architectural issues
> This document class might grow quickly. Shouldn't we treat specific FAQ 
> content as separate documents? If so then we'll need a revised faq.dtd 
> (as per Forrest) and stylesheet(s) as well as search/grouping 
> functionality before the size grows unwieldy. Individual FAQs need "last 
> modified" content.

The non-usability of the long FAQ as one single document
with Cocoon 1 was a real turn-off. I got frightened when i saw
the state of that document.

Are you suggesting a separate document for each Question?
Sounds interesting. In that way, FAQ listings could be drawn
together to form various topics.


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