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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: tracks/titles [was: Re: --- Help with document classification ---]
Date Fri, 26 Apr 2002 11:50:37 GMT
Diana Shannon wrote:
> Bertrand Delacretaz wrote:
> > 1) Tracks:
> > it might be worthwile at some point to create "tracks" into the
> > documentation, task-oriented reading guides.
> >
> > For example: if you want to publish static XML to HTML, here's your 
> > reading
> > list: "FAQ 232, FAQ 321, html publishing how-to, site navigation guide"
> Do you think these need separate classification, or should they be 
> how-tos (with links to other how-tos), categorized as tracks?

Sounds like a separate class of document. I wonder if
this is an application of XML Topic Maps (XTM) ... of which
i know nothing about ... just fascinated by their possibilities,
and Cocoon is the perfect place to implement them.
TopicMaps were briefly discussed recently on Forrest-dev.

> > 2) Master of the Titles:
> > Document names/titles (and their consistency) are sooo important IMHO to
> > guide the user to the right place, I think the main title of every 
> > document
> > should be reviewed by the community or by a designated "Master of the 
> > Titles"
> > before publishing the document.
> What if we also added a one-sentence description of the piece, along 
> with title and last modified date, to be returned with search results?

I agree with Bertand that the Titles of all documents need to
be carefully reviewed. They are the most important part of the
document. At the organisation that i worked with when the WWW
first hit the scene, i wrote applications that automatically pestered
people if they did not properly utilise <title> in their HTML.

Until recently there was a problem in Cocoon whereby the
space available for a title was limited. This was because
Cocoon was showing off with banner-image generation
which meant that only short titles could be used. This would
have had a massively detrimental effect on the quality of
document titles. Now that we have plain-text banners, we
can return to more descriptive titles.

Well-spotted, Bertrand. The documentation review needs to
have this as a specific task - generate a list of all current
titles and review them.


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