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From David Crossley <>
Subject various copies of DTDs within Cocoon
Date Wed, 24 Apr 2002 15:14:01 GMT
Diana Shannon wrote:
> >> So, I'd like to know what's the correct way of managing such 
> >> situations. Can
> >> I just setup a local catalog and use SYSTEM entities or my editing tool
> >> should support catalogs natively?
> >
> > Either way you would need to set up an OASIS Catalog
> > (just use the catalog file that comes with Cocoon). Tools
> > such as XMetaL have native support and they still need
> > you to configure the catalog file, obviously.
> This is useful documentation content, as a general how-to as well as for 
> instructions to authors.
> Konstantin, if you develop a workaround/fix for XML Spy, would you make 
> sure to post it?
> Ok, so right now we have these approaches:
> - XMLMetal, with configuration of the catalog file
> - Saxon command-line, with -r option

There is more to the Saxon config ... -x and -y options.
See Michael Kay's docs ... excellent stuff.

I use vi text editor from the UNIX command-line, then i
validate my xdocs with OpenSP which has a native catalog
entity resolver. Sometimes i also use ElCel xmlvalid, but prefer
former for its error messages. For big documentation jobs i have a
Win NT sitting in the corner, specifically to run XMeTaL.

> Any other suggestions?

There must be plenty of different ways that people work.
I would like to hear from others.

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