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From "Peter Nuetzel - inglobo" <>
Subject Re: JDK 1.3 vs JDK 1.4 issue
Date Thu, 18 Apr 2002 19:45:47 GMT

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Von: Stefano Mazzocchi <>

>Carsten Ziegeler wrote:
>> We are struggling a little bit with the differences between the JDK 1.3
>> and JDK 1.4 with regards to the JDBC interfaces.
>> We have one class (EsqlConnection) implementing the java.sql.Connection
>> interface. Unfortunately this interface has changed in JDK 1.4.
>> This little change forces us to test during compilation(!) of Cocoon
>> whether we are in a 1.3 or in a 1.4 environment and changing with the
>> ant build script the source of the EsqlConnection class.
>> This mechanism works of course but has the great disadvantage that
>> Cocoon compiled with JDK 1.3 does not work with JDK 1.4 and even worse
>> Cocoon is not compilable without the ant script!

>The fact that Cocoon isn't compilable without the ant script doesn't
>bother me at all. You could state the same for almost any serious java
>product out there and all modern java IDEs have support for Ant, so this
>is not a real concern (IMO).
>The fact that a Cocoon compiled under 1.3 doesn't work on 1.4 and
>viceversa breaks WORA and it's, IMO, a shame but it's definately not our
>fault. I wonder what they smoked in the JSR that came out with this.

Hmm, that's strange - the JDK 1.4 compatibility document at states:

10. Source incompatibility - The JDBC 3.0 API, included as part of the J2SE
1.4 platform, introduces two new interfaces and adds several new methods to
existing interfaces. Drivers and applications that use earlier versions of
the JDBC API are binary compatible with the J2SE 1.4 platform and will run
with no problem. However, the changes made in the JDBC 3.0 API are not
source compatible. Drivers and applications that implement the JDBC
interfaces must be updated to reflect the changes in order to build
successfully. Chapter 6 of The JDBC 3.0 Specification gives a complete list
of what must be done to be compliant with the JDBC 3.0 API, and thereby be
source compatible with the J2SE 1.4 platform.


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