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From "Ivelin Ivanov" <>
Subject Re: [status & RT] design challenges
Date Sat, 06 Apr 2002 03:54:24 GMT


> Hey, not fire : discuss ;)

I am 100% on Stefano's side when it comes to carefully making architectural
decisions and deciding on best practices before the users(devs) jump in and
get lost in the alternative solutions jungle.

I'll be sharing opinon based only on my intuition and general experience
with web apps servers,
not formal proof of correctness.


> The main problem with Daniel's contribution is that the whole document
> has to be buffered in a DOM before any decision can be taken : it's like
> going back to the slow times of Cocoon 1. But we could imagine some
> smarter implementations based on partial buffering using compiled XML
> and things like STX ( to avoid
> complete buffering.

Daniel acknowledged this weaknes and he's willing to fix this, provided
there is enough interest in the
xpath selector and he gets some direction.

> About separating the sensor and the valve by transmitting the
> information outside the pipeline, I consider it as introducing a
> "pipe-aware action". The main difference with a selector is that an
> action doesn't necessarily change the pipe flow, and can do anything it
> wants with the environment, including setting values used later by a
> selector. So in this sense, this fits the need and is more versatile.
> Also, since a pipe-aware action would have only one input and one ouput,
> it would be easier to implement than a selector that has several
> outputs, meaning we can have more easily some smart-buffering
> implementations like mentioned above.

Jakarta Digester is SAX based and IMHO is suitable for the job.

> What do you think ?

I am with you.
I'll provide use cases in another email.

> Sylvain
> --
> Sylvain Wallez
>  Anyware Technologies                  Apache Cocoon
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