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From "Vadim Gritsenko" <>
Subject RE: [PROPOSAL] splitting Cocoon
Date Thu, 11 Apr 2002 21:36:34 GMT
> From: [] On
Behalf Of
> Ovidiu Predescu

> But every now and then, when I modify resource files, like .xconf, it
> requires me to run a "build webapp". Each time I do this, I need to
> wait 15 seconds or more until right before the "webapp" target. This
> is a long time for me, I don't want to wait this much.

> I was looking at the current CVS, and here is how I see the directory
> structured:
> core/
>     - all the classes in org.apache.cocoon
>     - all of the classloader/, environment/, matching/, selection/,
>     servlet/, sitemap/, util/ and xml/ directories
>     - portions of the remaining directories, excluding browser/,
>     crawler/, deli/, hsqldb/, jsp/ and so on, which are not core to
>     the Cocoon engine. Only the abstract interfaces and classes which
>     are relevant to the core Cocoon will remain here.
> All the non-essential core components and the functionality which
> builds on top of the core should appear in different directories.
> For example, we'd have hsql/, crawler/, deli/, hsqldb/ and so on,
> appear as sibling directories of the core/ directory. Each of these
> directories contains the code, documentation, tests, build file,
> everything they need.


How this will speed up "build webapp"? You lost me...


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