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From "Ivelin Ivanov" <>
Subject Re: [jxpath] New features, bug fixes and documentation
Date Thu, 11 Apr 2002 02:18:47 GMT

"Ask and you shall receive"

Dmitri makes us another great present with the new JXPath.
Some of the features are just what I needed to make form handling more



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From: "Dmitri Plotnikov" <>
To: <>
Sent: Wednesday, April 10, 2002 8:06 AM
Subject: [jxpath] New features, bug fixes and documentation

> In preparation for its first release, JXPath is undergoing some clean-up.
> There is now documentation: a tutorial, which is included with the binary
> distribution.  It is in the CVS repository, but not yet accessible via the
> Jakarta website - read it at
> I have committed several bug fixes and added some new features.
> JXPath can now create objects!  You just provide an implementation of the
> AbstractFactory interface and call createPath(path, value) on
> It will behave the same way as setValue, except it will call the factory
> needed.  An interesting idea would be to write one of those factories that
> would take Struts mapping configuration and create form beans as needed.
> Support for diversity object models is now complete with the introduction
> NodePointerFactory.  We can now have modules that support DynaBeans, JDOM
> etc.  In fact, I plan to write some of them in the near future. JDOM
> like the most interesting alternative to DOM to work with.
> There is a minor type conversion change:  JXPath will now cast a
> single-element array or collection to its first element.  This feature can
> be used for instance with HttpRequest parameters.  How do you know if a
> parameter is a singular or a collection?  Now you don't need to - extract
> as a collection, give the collection to JXPath, it will convert the type
> needed.
> There are two incompatible changes, both having to do with extension
> functions.  First of all, the API of Function changed (there is now an
> additional argument, ExpressionContext).  Second, the behavior of
> ExpressionContext has changed.  It now behaves properly.  I hope these
> changes don't break anybody's builds.  If they do, I apologize in advance.
> One of the fixes improves an optimization, which up until now was just
> there, not actually optimizing anything.
> Behavior of getContextNodePointer has been fixed - it used to be
> in some cases.
> There are many other minor fixes.
> JXPath is getting ready for its first official release!
> - Dmitri Plotnikov
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