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From "Ivelin Ivanov" <>
Subject [Announcement] Cocoon Form Handling - XML Form Release 0.8
Date Wed, 17 Apr 2002 18:21:15 GMT

First, I would like to thank everyone who participates in the Form Handling
I have learned a lot from this discussion in the last few weeks.

There are plenty of great ideas coming from all directions, and some of them
influenced my
thinking significantly.

As I have already mention more than once, I have a certain fear that this
topic may be too large
to handle at once and may eventually wind up as it did several times before
(Schemox, ExFormular, etc.)
I would very much like this time Cocoon to end up with a better overall form
handling solution, than the one that currently exists. It does not have to
be perfect from the start.

With all tha said, I am presenting the new incarnation
of the xmlform framework.
It has gone through major refactoring, heavyly influenced by Torsten
and Konstantin.
I will not advertsise it much this time. I would instead encourage people
who are *really* interested
in bettering Cocoon, to look at the code and provided feedback.

There is one non-trivial demo, which is an extension of the survey wizard,
originally offered by Torsten and lately discussed on the list.
It is a multi page bi-directional wizard using many of the interesting form
The previous simpler examples were removed to prevent confusion.
I have tried to document in detail all key source files.

Once you build c2 with scratchpad, point to


For those who will take the time to peek in,

I would like to request votes on the following:

1) Does this solution prohibit further extensions in directions that you
might be interested?

2) Does this solution offer better overall form handling than the existing
one for C2?

3) Can this solution be the base for 2.1?

Thanks everyone,


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