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From "Ivelin Ivanov" <>
Subject [Introduction] New commiters
Date Fri, 05 Apr 2002 13:19:11 GMT

Here is my backgound in brief:

- o -

I was born in a Bulgaria, a small country in Eastern Europe.
Bulgaria was founded in the year 681, that's over 1300 years of history.
Arguably one the oldest countries in Europe which kept their original
territory and name.
Born on Jan, 17 1974. Married, no kids yet.
Speaking Bulgarian and English. Good reading of Russian. Poor reading of

- o -

Got into computers later than most of the geeks I know.
Wasn't before I joined the Math School in Dobrich when I was 14, that I
started to enjoy computer science.
Graduated with MS/CS from the University of Sofia (our capital), Bulgaria.
Had a couple prizes from ACM's regional contests. At the time when I was
competing, there wasn't enough funding for me to go to the international


Currently residing in Ausin, Texas. Tech Lead in BMC Software, Inc.

Previously co-partner in Cyberfort, Inc. ( Good memories
from the .com days.

Before that I owned(still do) and operated the first independent computer
book publishing company in Bulgaria.


Reason to join Cocoon dev was that since I started following the subject of
new gen publishing and web services a year and a half ago, there wasn't a
better open source container than Cocoon out there.

As you all know, my passion lately is seemless integration of Web UI and Web

I enjoy being part of this community and hope that I can add some value to

Thank you.


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