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From "Anatoly Sennov" <>
Subject Re: [Bug 7952] Changing the Enviroment interface?
Date Sun, 21 Apr 2002 06:46:16 GMT
Hello Gerhard!
You wrote to "Cocoon Developer List" <> on Sat, 20
Apr 2002 11:23:47 +0200:

 GF> Hi Team, this bug + patch seems to me very valid and needful.
 GF> <>
Thanks :-)

 GF> one problem...the patch changes the Enviroment interface and my
 GF> experience is that you don't like this very much.

 GF> is there any problem when we add this two method to the
 GF> Enviroment interface:

Maybe this patch requires more explanation.

First, it's a sort of quick hack to add the Last-Modified handling to Cocoon
fast as I needed this for our site.
Second, since that it's working well for us, but... now I'm thinking that we
need more integrated solution to handle Last-Modified and Is-Modified-Since.
Currently Cocoon tries to handle Is-Modified-Since for the StreamPipeline
but not in the EventPipeline. The Environment already has the provisions for
that (isResponseModified, setResponseModified).
Third, after this patch the Cocoon behavior is not configurable - it
generates Last-Modified is each and every response, this should be changed:
we need to have means to turn this off for some buggy user agents (IE 6) in
some situations to force them to update their local cache.

So, I think that the below methods should be added, but some further
development is needed to make all things right :-)

When I'll finish the first round of the Slide integration I'll return to
this problem.

 GF> <code>
 GF> /**
 GF>  * Sets the timestamp for the responce. This may be used by  *
 GF> subclasses to perform some smart activity: for example,  * to return
 GF> the Last-Modified HTTP header or to set the  * file attributes.
 GF>  */
 GF> void setTimestamp(long ts);

 GF> /**
 GF>  * Get current timestamp.
 GF>  */
 GF> long getTimestamp();
 GF> </code>

--Anatoly Sennov
k2s ltd

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