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From "Anatoly Sennov" <>
Subject [PROPOSAL] Add getMimeType() to the Source interface
Date Thu, 18 Apr 2002 10:19:59 GMT

Currently I'm integrating Cocoon and Slide and I think that it's not correct
to determine the Mime-Type from the servlet context when the Source itself
might know it better. The proposed changes:

1. Add
    public String getMimeType();
to the Source interface

2. Default implementation may just return null

3. Change the ResourceReader and other places where the source's Mime-Type
is needed, for example the ResourceReader.getMimeType() might look like:

public String getMimeType() {
    String mtype = this.source.getMimeType();
    if(mtype != null)
      return mtype;
   Context ctx = ObjectModelHelper.getContext(this.objectModel);
   if(ctx != null)
      return ctx.getMimeType(this.source);
   return null;

--Anatoly Sennov
k2s ltd

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