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From Jeremy Quinn <>
Subject Re: [FYI] wild!
Date Mon, 04 Mar 2002 19:17:05 GMT
At 8:19 pm +0600 4/3/02, Andrew Answer wrote:
>Now already exist many standards of "structured text", see the
>APTConvert ( & some other. This
>look like XML-files, which are different by inline structure and tag
>Better idea to create XSLT transformer for text and describe
>XPath-like syntax for searching text sequences in file. My txtXSL file will be
>work with my text format, so i can use ANY format of structured
>text which i want.
>I can't fight in this battle. But i give the ideas... may be anybody
>try to realize same dreams? Wait for docs & releases... is glad to
>test anything...

I am hoping that these different Parsers can be used within a new
RequestParser, I am planning. It could be a Generator, or extensions to the
Request TagLib.

The idea would be to generate XML from the Request, optionally applying
different Parser Components to different Form Fields.

Structured Text Parsers
XML Parsers
'Tidy' XML/HTML Parsers (clean up mal-formed XML ?)

The key issue for me is that the output of the Parsers would have to
buffered, so that partially parsed XML was never sent downstream.

As I understand it .... a Transformer could not do this job, because XML in
form fields would already have '<, >, &' encoded as entities by the

regards Jeremy

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