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From Jeremy Quinn <>
Subject RE: sunRise tutorial here
Date Sat, 02 Mar 2002 19:28:04 GMT
At 9:12 am +0100 1/3/02, Matthew Langham wrote:
>I am still trying to figure out how to pass people onto where they
>originally wanted to go ;)
>;-) Ok, so perhaps it is not quite so easy to work out.
>Basically: When the handler redirects the user to the login page it passes a
>parameter 'resource' which contains the uri the user was originally trying
>to call. In the stylesheet that builds up the form, this parameter can then
>be appended to the <url>. In the tutorial it is hardcoded. Then this
>parameter will be passed to the authentication pipeline and can then be used
>in the redirect. (I will add this to the tutorial :-))

Thanks for this :)

I forget that Cocoon can redirect internally, thereby allowing parameter

regards Jeremy

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