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From Jeremy Quinn <>
Subject Re: Wyona / Xopus
Date Thu, 07 Mar 2002 14:29:35 GMT
At 2:48 pm +0100 7/3/02, Stefano Mazzocchi wrote:
>Michael Homeijer wrote:
>> I've seen a first version and it's great. It looks just like the Xopus
>> demo's on the website.

>Xopus is *incredibly* cool! When I saw it last year at wyona's in
>Zurich, I was litterarely blown away. Giacomo was there and he can
>testify: and man, it's *hard* to impress me :)

You surprise me ;)

>Xopus is awesome because is entirely XML/XSLT/XMLSchema driven.
>Everything running on the client side and posting XML results
>(validated!) back. The XML is the model, the XSLT is the view and the
>XMLSchema is the controller. MVC at the inline editing level. Brilliant,
>elegant and great!


>But works only on IE5.5+, only on windows, it works on top of MSXML 3.0+
>*only*, it uses nonstandard javascript.... evolutionary-wise, it's like
>shooting ourselves in the foot big time.


>The Wyona guys also have form-based editing... which no matter what, I
>can't get to like. The fact that I can't make something 'strong' in the
>middle of a form makes me puke, no matter what.

This is the kind of thing I am _aiming_ for with <slash-edit/>

>Sure, you can write 'structured text' and let the system parse it...
>yuck! we can do better than that.

**| Yea ||^$£||I dont't want to |*|have|*| to || -- write -- like this
either ;)

But you could make some very simple vocabularies that would be useful, like
auto paragraphs, auto BRs, maybe things like !!this is strong!!, who knows,
people have to start playing with it and come up with what is appropriate
to them.

I still want to be able to have editors accessing link and image glossaries
and the like in their content, and simple stuff like strong and emphasis,
so I am still aiming to make this work in normal forms.

>There's no way out: Mozilla is the key. We must find a way to implement
>Xopus concepts into Mozilla.

That would be wonderful!

regards Jeremy

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