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From Jeremy Quinn <>
Subject Re: [RT] Avoiding Cocoon Thermal Death
Date Fri, 15 Mar 2002 17:47:04 GMT
At 1:42 pm +0100 15/3/02, Stefano Mazzocchi wrote:
>Jeremy Quinn wrote:
>> Does your Blocks scheme go as far as making components like XIndice, SQL,
>> POI, FOP, LDAP etc. as Blocks, shared by other Blocks that are more
>> application specific?
>Yes, exactly.


>> One comment:
>> I would like to see the ability for a block to have a URL base or context
>> for it's content to be different to it's actual location, the same way you
>> can overlay the context of two sub-sitemaps like <slash-edit/> does, or be
>> able to keep actual content separate from associated classes etc., because
>> maybe it is to be modified by site users, etc.
>Ok, do you think the proposed solution mets your needs?

I thought afterwards that this was a bit of a dumb question, there exists
SiteMap syntax for handling this, and Block have SiteMaps, right?


regards Jeremy

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