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From Donald Ball <>
Subject Re: ESQL rewrite proposal
Date Fri, 22 Mar 2002 07:58:08 GMT
On Fri, 22 Mar 2002, Elias Karakoulakis wrote:

> I have opened a bug case in bugzilla for the ESQL logicsheet: it doesn't
> behave correctly for some kinds of grouped resultsets (<esql:group>). I
> have tried to debug the logicsheet but it's far too complex to understand
> (yet alone debug...) Suffice to say that most logicsheets in the same dir
> are about 10-20kb in size, and esql.xsl is about 55kb (plus the size of
> the accompanying Esql*.java classes)

the esql logicsheet implementation can be considered to be an example of
the limits of xslt-generated source code. i don't think it's too complex
to understand (although i don't know how much it's mutated since i left
it), but debugging is another matter.

that being said, i don't think it's possible to refactor the esql
logicsheet to act more like the other logicsheets (that is to say, simply
providing an xml api to a static library or object get/set methods)
without losing the ability to execute arbitary code (via xsp tags, other
logicsheet tags) based on the results of the queries. and that, as far as
i can tell, is the only good reason to choose esql over the sql

> A rather daunting question: would it be wise for use to be thinking about
> reimplementing the ESQL logicsheet, just to scale down its complexity? I
> have rewritten the xsd schema, simplifying the <esql:get-*>
> elements.. (really, why did there had to be a separate element for each
> datatype?). Another big problem is that of poor documentation: Except from
> the userdoc "howto", there is very little to go from there.. I think that
> starting from a properly documented schema would be of major importance.

there was a seperate element for each datatype because i was trying to
mirror the jdbc api. i don't know that that was a good reason, but that's

anyway, i don't have specific comments on your proposal, i just happened
to see your note and thought i'd dash off a response before i forgot about
it. good luck in your efforts.

- donald

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