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From giacomo <>
Subject RE: Wyona / Xopus
Date Sat, 09 Mar 2002 14:40:32 GMT
On Fri, 8 Mar 2002, Matthew Langham wrote:

> >>>
> > There's no way out: Mozilla is the key. We must find a way to implement
> > Xopus concepts into Mozilla.
> Does this mean that we need to integrate Xerces (C++ ?) and Xalan (C++
> ?) in Mozilla?
> <<<
> We're talking the Mozilla browser here - right? Looking at the current
> browser market share I fail to see why Mozilla is the platform to aim for.

Because it is open source and available on different OS platforms (IIRC
IE only supports Windows).

> Surely we should be trying for a solution that works in IE as well.

For CMS purpose there is no need to be able to use any browser, but a
specific tool for it will do (as editors are staff people at the site
which is publishing the content they can be supposed to use that tool).
If it acts like a browser the learning curve is flatter and thus

> Going one step further (and looking at the _predictions_ for browser market
> share) wouldn't it be better to get involved with the Xopus work and perhaps
> move it in a more standardized fashion?

I think this will hopefully come anyway sooner or later.


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