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From giacomo <>
Subject Re: Pipe-aware Selectors
Date Wed, 06 Mar 2002 12:45:20 GMT
On Wed, 6 Mar 2002, Stefano Mazzocchi wrote:

> Michael Homeijer wrote:
> >
> > Hi Stefano,
> >
> > Could you please have another look at the solution described by Bruno Dumon
> > in the mailing list and comment on it.
> > I'd really like to know what you think about it.
> >
> > It seperates the small incoming parts of data from the outgoing flow,
> > doesn't change any cocoon interfaces, and you will be able to integrate
> > results from processing incoming data into the pipeline again.
> Bruno wrote this example:
> <map:act type="FetchAndStoreXml" src="cocoon:/something">
>   <map:parameter name="storeAs" value="foo">
> </map:act>
> <map:select type="XPathSelector"
>   <map:parameter name="xmlName" value="foo">
>   <map:when test="/some/node = 'xyz'">
>     <map:redirect-to uri="somewhere">
>   </map:when>
>   <map:otherwise>
>     <map:generate type="XSLTGenerator" src="stylesheetsource">
>       <map:parameter name="xmlName" value="foo">
>     </map:generate>
>     <map:serialize/>
>   </map:otherwise>
> </map:select>
> I have the feeling that this is a (admittedly brilliant!) hack.
> If we believe that Selectors should have access to the pipe flow, we
> must change the interfaces, not create hacks with what is already
> there... otherwise the system will be torn apart by these hacks (the
> maintenance cost of the above code is huge since it's hard to understand
> what it does simply by looking at it!)
> This is my perception.
> What do others think about this?
> C'mon, without input I won't change anything.

In fact I don't think we can change the Selector interface as it is
clearly stated what a Selector is and how it works (read: not a pipeline
component). It doesn't mess with the SAX event in a pipeline (also for
backwards compatability).

Maybe there needs to be other sematic in the sitemap to achieve what was
requested (honestly I have not had the need for such things so I don't
really care)


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