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From Akber Choudhry <>
Subject Re: [RT] Cocoon Web Applications
Date Fri, 01 Mar 2002 15:31:20 GMT

I have a production Cocoon hosting environment based on mod_rewrite and
using the host matcher for mounting sub-sitemaps.  Worked like a charm in
the following way:

1. Vhosts are defined in Apache.
2. mod_rewrite is used for for :
  a. serving static files (identified by extension) directly from apache.
  b. tomcat's mod_webapp does do a perfect job yet (no pass-back to
  c. Rewriting /* to /cocoon/* - making the presence of Cocoon
3. No Vhosts are defined in Tomcat.
4. Minimal main sitemap.xmap with host matcher mounting subsitemaps.

Problems Faced:
1. JSP generator behaves strangely
2. java security manager - even after removing the security manager
kludge in logger.

Wish List for current subsitemap implementation.
1. Logger to split logs by sub-stiemap or vhost
2. java classes loading on re-mount - already mentioned by someone else.

Some thoughts from the business battlefront:

There is an "replication of function" all the way from Apache through
Tomcat to Cocoon.  There are a myriad possible combinations, none of which
is bulletproof for business.
Is there the possibliity of developer build, pro build, and enterprise
build, complete with optional tomcat config files etc. and checking of
java versions, xerces versions etc. during build and install.  Cocoon
rocks, it will become a killer!

Also, where is cocoon with regards to servlet filters.  A servlet filter
implementation of Cocoon will enable business with huge investments in
servlet/jsp apps to leverage cocoon out of the box.  I mean - legacy apps
with servlets/forwarding, working as is - producing xml consumed by cocoon
- contributing to actions. etc.


On Fri, 1 Mar 2002, Ugo Cei wrote:

> I am asking: doesn't the existing mount mechanism already address your
> point?
> > If you use Apache virtual hosts you should also use Apache
> > mod_rewrite/mod_proxy for that and your scenario is easy possible with
> > only one Cocoon instance.
> I am using simple redirects. Probably I should be using mod_rewrite, but
>   having fought with it in the past, I am a little intimidated by its
> complexity :)

Akber Choudhry
Dyanet Inc.

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