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From Torsten Curdt <>
Subject Re: Dynamic Schematron validation works!
Date Sun, 17 Mar 2002 15:11:45 GMT
> > 2) AFAIU validation happens inside the XSLT transformer. IMHO this should
> >    happen inside an action. Otherwise we have to choose what page to show
> >    from the XML *content*. Only way I see do this is to create another
> >    transformer for this. But still you are not able to react on the
> >    validation result inside the sitemap... Or am I missing here something?
> >    (Could a transformer set a request attribute that can become available
> >    in the sitemap?)
> I've come up with 2 possible solutions to this problem so far.
> (It seems that you came to the same yourself. )
> 1) I think we can do a specialized "Validation" transformer, which extends
> from XSLT transformer, but also sticks in the sitemap a "validationResult"
> attribute, which a subsequent selector can use. The idea seems feasible
> based on the behaviour of the WritingDomTransformer which sticks in the
> sitemap a DOM object representing the SAX stream.

this is the only way I see for this approach. but Ivelin: isn't there a
way of using schematron more in a java way? as long as you want schematron
only to display some errors fine. But ussually I check my business
objects again before I save them inside an action. Something like:

  save-action() {
    if (bo comforms to XSD) {
      save to whatever
    else {
      error: bo does not conform to XSD

How would you do this with schematron inside an action. I'd be glad if we
could find a way to do this with schemtron, too.

> 2) How about a XPath selector, whose when attribute will be a valid XPath
> test expression executed against the SAX stream?
> then you can possible do something like:
> <transformer src="validating-schematron-report.xsl">
> <selector type="xpath">
>   <selector when="/validatingResult/pattern">
>     ... go back to the same page
>   <selector otherwise>
>     ... move on with life
> So which one of the two (if any) is better ?

AFAIK this is not possible without creating a DOM.... we have had a
discussion on this topic lately...

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