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From Torsten Curdt <>
Subject RE: [Vote]: Where to define the sitemap components?
Date Thu, 14 Mar 2002 13:13:27 GMT
> > Sylvain Wallez wrote
> >
> < snip>
> > >
> > >Hmm, currently I'm thinking of voting -1 for defining the components
> > >in the xconf. This would create a deadlock. Very interesting
> > >and funny thing...
> > >
> > Does sitemap-local xconf remove the lock ?
> >
> Hm, now it seems that we all agree on the Blocks thoughts in some way.
> This new concept will perhaps solve all our problems.
> So why not have all sitemap components in the sitemap for 2.0.2 and
> then start with the blocks design/implementation after the release?

Well, since we are only talking about the "demo" site - I don't care. If
you want to move them only for 2.0.2 I am fine with that - as long as we
tackle the cocoon-blocks after the new release!!

> If we now move some components, the user will get confused and have
> to learn a new schema. And then some time later we introduce the blocks
> and they have to learn a third one, then.

ok, that's true...

> Except for "it would be nice if the components are all defined in
> the cocoon.xconf", I see really no pro for it.

The pro's will only come with the cocoon-blocks...

> Again, the opposite is true if you think of components defined in
> sub-sitemaps which we all seem to agree on that this is a good think.

then let's do it this way...

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