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From Torsten Curdt <>
Subject Re: [Vote]: Where to define the sitemap components?
Date Thu, 14 Mar 2002 13:06:51 GMT


> So what about allowing <map:components> to be written <map:components
> src="sitemap.xconf"/> ?

Well, I am +0 for this one... but I guess Stefano convinced me. Shouldn't
this happen as a block configuration? Something like this:

  <sitemap src="sitemap.xmap"/>
  <components src="sitemap.xconf"/>
  <roles src="sitemap.roles"/>

> This way, each [sub-]sitemap (or cocoon block) comes with a sitemap.xmap
> and an optional sitemap.xconf defininig its local components, if any.

this was already proposed in the xconf thread but IIRC it was shot down...

> The current behaviour should also be kept, for compatibility and for
> people which aren't confused by having components in the sitemap.

sure thing...

> Now the question is do we define system-wide sitemap components in
> cocoon.xconf ? If yes, they should be IMO restricted to the very minimum
> of what we're likely to find in _every_ sitemap, i.e. wildcard and
> regexp matchers, file and xsp generators, xsl transformer, xml and html
> serializers.
> Note also that some system-level components may make use of some sitemap
> components. Namely, the xml serializer used in some source
> implementations, IIRC.


> >So, SoC or not, is the above really what we want? I think, no!
> >
> >Hmm, currently I'm thinking of voting -1 for defining the components
> >in the xconf. This would create a deadlock. Very interesting
> >and funny thing...
> >
> Does sitemap-local xconf remove the lock ?

it would from my side... but maybe Stefano would give a -1 then ;)

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