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From "Thomas 'Dent' Mirlacher" <>
Subject DirectoryGenerator and mime-types
Date Fri, 15 Mar 2002 09:20:01 GMT
hi list,

i don't know if this is the proper list (but i guess you will give me a hint
if not :) to ask this question:

i would like to add an attribute for each entry (file) in the output
DirectoryGenerator generates.

why? i'm working on a pet project to add the capability using thumbnails
in the directorylisting (well obviously this can also be used for photo
galeries and other things ... thanks to the pipeline in cocoon)

the problem: i don't know where to find the proper functions to extract
the mime-type from a file (using its magic, and not the extension)

any help/hint (also flames) will be appreciated.


in some way i do, and in some way i don't.

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