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Subject patch for EQSL - clob support in esql:get-xml
Date Thu, 14 Mar 2002 17:25:36 GMT

I've found that version <!-- $Id: esql.xsl,v 1.4 2002/01/28 09:37:16 tcurdt
Exp $--> still doesn't contain clob functionality in get-xml.
I would like to propose changes into esql.xsl which enables clob in
Priority: high (it was the first thing which I had to implement for Cocoon,
without it whole wonderful xsp is useless for us)

All changed lines or added are clearly marked with comment 'TB'. The main
change is to instead of calling directy the ResultSet.getString, put a
wrapper which
reads clob as string (if column is clob type) or in ohter case standard
getString (look at getStringOrClob function). The implementation is in xsl
but it would be better to move it to  EsqlHelper class (your decision).

Remark: I implemented own reading of clob because getAscii was somehow
producing converted/strange string.
     It works only when encoding for get-xml is not specified!!! I'm not
sure how to implement it in other case.

Test: code deeply tested and used more that 2 months. But tested only on
Oracle jdbc (shoudn't be worse for other driver).

Sorry for missing 'diff -u of CVS' but I'm not familiar with CVS. Instead
code is additionaly commented.

Please send me your opinion and state of the patch,


(See attached file: esql.xsl)
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