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From "Gerhard Froehlich" <>
Subject RE: Do we need a PatchManager?
Date Mon, 18 Mar 2002 11:12:38 GMT

>> Hi Team,
>> I noticed that many patches are in the patch pipeline and
>> that often it takes a long long time until they are applied.
>> I don't know if this is wished.
>> I'm not that fan of hirachies and structures in OSS projects.
>> But I feel we need somebody which is responsible for
>> the patches.
>> Therefor I will offer myself for this job (but I have no problem
>> if we take someone else). Or we can cycle it weekly or something
>> else.
>I don't think that we need a patch manager and even if we needed
>one this would be a very tough job as you have to know every detail
>about Cocoon to decide if a patch is "good" or not. (Really,
>nothing against you, Gerhard.)

No problem with that, it was just an idea which was worth to post
it to the dev list. The reactions are very different. It reaches
from "Yes, kool" to "No way, dude". However, personally I will look
more into the patch queue and try to apply more then in the past.

>The current solution where one knowing the code the patch is
>intended for looks at the patch is much more better I think.



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