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From "Gerhard Froehlich" <>
Subject RE: [RT] Avoiding Cocoon Thermal Death
Date Wed, 13 Mar 2002 17:55:46 GMT

<skip agreed/>

>Ok, now I will describe how I see a cocoon block.
> a) Cocoon Blocks are Zip files. Even if less efficiently compressed,
>Zip archives have internal random-access features, unlike tar.gz,
>moreover they are easy to read/write within java and are used for both
>.jar and .war
> b) The proposed archive extension is .cb, 
> c) The proposed MIME type is application/vnd.cocoon.block (to be
>registered at IANA)
> / -> root of the block
> /BLOCK-INF/ -> container for the block manifests (this directory is
>shielded by Cocoon and will not be directly readable from the external,
>just like it happens for /WEB-INF/ for WARs)
> /BLOCK-INF/lib -> contains the libraries (.jar, .dll, .so)
> /BLOCK-INF/classes -> contains the classes (.class, in their right
>package location, as for WARs)
> /BLOCK-INF/block.xinfo -> XML file that contains the block informations
>along with component roles and configurations, sitemap/flowmap mounting,
>and external block dependencies.
> /** -> all of the remaining resources

<Ahem> just to get a picture. Do we speak here from Avalon Phoenix
blocks, or something homegrown?

Because when we speak of Phoenix, the assembly of the Application
would look different. (Paul, please correct if I'm wrong here!).

>  d) a URI-based protocol will allow polymorphic access to cocoon blocks
>and inter-block sharing of resources. The proposed syntax is
>  block(role):/path/file
>  block(role):component
>for example
>  block(skin):/stylesheet/document2html.xslt
>  block(calendar):date-generator
>NOTE: the above is compatile with the URI syntax as described in RFC
>In case the block role is ambiguous, it will be used as a namespace
>prefix, as in
> <map:match ...>
>  <map:generate src="block(role):/path/file"
>  <map:transform src="block(role):/path/file"
> </map:match>
>if the block-based URI is used in non-namespaced syntax (for example, in
>the flowmap), an API-based solution will be provided.

BTW: Great idea...maybe Cocoon 3.0 huh ;) ?


"Confucius say too much.
(Recent Chinese Proverb)"

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