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From "Marc Johnson" <>
Subject Re: HSSFSerializer and mime-type hard-coded?
Date Thu, 28 Mar 2002 17:47:28 GMT
>From: Rick Tessner <>
>Hi all,
>I was just testing the refactored examples and noticed that the
>mime-type being returned on the Hello World XLS is
>I would have expected it to be application/ as that is how
>the mime-type is defined in the sitemap.  In fact, changing the
>mime-type in the sitemap to, say, application/blah-blah-blah has no
>effect on the mime-type being sent back to the browser.

I have no idea how the information in the sitemap would be made available to 
the serializer; if anyone has a clue, I'd appreciate hearing it. In any 
case, I'm not sure why the serializer would ever return anything besides or application/

>Is this actually the intended behaviour?  I did notice there is a method
>called getMimeType() in that always returns the
>fixed string "" ...

Correct. When I was implementing that method, I searched the net for an 
appropriate mime type and that was the only one I found that was even 
remotely appropriate.

>Rick Tessner
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