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From "Lon Boonen" <>
Subject RE: Wyona / Xopus (IE vs.Mozilla)
Date Mon, 11 Mar 2002 09:38:17 GMT
This is my first post to a mailing list ever. So if I am breaking some
rules please forgive me.

> Voted! 41 votes so far.

So if I hurry I could be number 42!!! That would be great!

> >  5) Xopus uses contentEditable="true" as a in-place editing 
> widget and
> > adds a layer of driving logic based on client side 
> XML/XSLT/XMLSchema to
> > implement MVC. This is a possible solution but, for sure, 
> not the only
> > one. The same processing (creating a editing controlling 
> javascript for
> > the page) can be done on the server side. No, Ugo, we don't 
> need to do
> > it on the client side.
> As long as the number of roundtrips from client to server is 
> kept to a 
> minimum, I agree with you.

I disagree. The experience will not be the same for the user.
As a user you want to move on with your work. If you change structure
and click in some title to edit its contents you do NOT want the page to
reload, loose your focus and throw away the few characters you may have
already typed in.

> > Also, I believe that there is no need for XSLT on the 
> client side (CSS
> > styling is enough for most inline editing needs, since the hard-core
> > transformations normally don't happen at the content level 
> but at the
> > page structure level, which is normally *never* edited this way!)
> Of course.

Of course NOT.

XSLT is for now one of the best and most used ways of transforming XML
to something else, most likely HTML.

If you want a truely WYSIWYG editor, as I do, then you will need to
support XSLT in it.

Furthermore. Apart from editing I really want XSLT on the client for
viewing/transforming pages!
I want pages that are dynamic. DHTML lets me do this only partly and
only after a lot of coding.
If you have XSLT on the client it is easy to get new content from the
server and transform it to fit into your page.
DHTML isn't really dynamic until you have XML/XSLT on the client.

Lon, Q42

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