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From "Morrison, John" <>
Subject RE: [Vote]: Where to define the sitemap components?
Date Thu, 14 Mar 2002 08:52:23 GMT
> From: Carsten Ziegeler []
> Hi Team,
> I'm still not convinced that it is a good idea to have some components
> (generators, transformers etc) of the sitemap defined in the 
> cocoon.xconf 
> and some in the map:components section of the sitemap.
> We will confuse many users with this, believe me. There will be many
> complains that for example the file generator isn't available any
> more, as it is not visible in the sitemap.

I think a comment to the fact that they have been moved in the appropriate
plaec in the sitemap should stop that (or at least a good 80% ;)

> So for a forthcoming release, I propose to move them back into the
> sitemap and after the release we can think of a better way of defining
> components.
> Thoughts?

Not really keen.  I like to keep the sitemap slim as most of the folks
I work with can't understand most of it anyway.  Moving some/most of the
stock stuff out was useful (I know I can do it for my own stuff, but
until the demo sitemap/config change was done I'd forgotten it could be,
and I'm sure I'm not the only one...)


> Carsten
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