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From Stuart Roebuck (Telewest) <>
Subject WHATSNEW file - was: Re: Missing cocoon.xconf compiler parameter
Date Tue, 12 Mar 2002 20:13:54 GMT
Thanks Vadim,

Up until now I've happily gotten away with merging changes to the 
src/webapp/cocoon.xconf into my own when updating my Cocoon version - 
it's clear that I should have used the build version of the document 
which isn't the same thing any more!

This reminds me - how about having a plaintext "WHATSNEW" file at the 
CVS root to which everyone appends changes (in reverse date order - with 
clearly titled break lines for releases), listing any changes to Cocoon 
that impact on the configuration, plus anything else that may be of 
general interest like 'implemented XXX which speeds up Cocoon by a 
factor of 100'.

It would be *extremely* helpful if someone maintaining a Cocoon 
configuration could work on the basis that an update of Cocoon would 
work with their existing .xconf and .xmap files unless explicitly 
indicated in the WHATSNEW file.

I don't think this would be hard to maintain, and it would make it 
easier to construct release notes to encourage interest in the latest 
and greatest releases.  The Ant project does it quite well.


On Tuesday, March 12, 2002, at 06:41 pm, Vadim Gritsenko wrote:

>> From: Stuart Roebuck []
>> What is the xconf tool?
> From build.xml:
> ---------
>       <!-- A task to change the xconf. It is used to add optional
> components -->
>       <taskdef name="xconf-tool" classname="XConfToolTask"
>           classpath="${tools.dir}/anttasks"/>
>       <!-- Invoke the XConfTool to add optional entries -->
>       <xconf-tool directory="${build.src}"
>                   extension="xmap"
>                   configuration="${build.war}/sitemap.xmap"/>
>       <xconf-tool directory="${build.src}"
>                   extension="xpipe"
>                   configuration="${build.war}/sitemap.xmap"/>
>       <xconf-tool directory="${build.src}"
>                   extension="xconf"
>                   configuration="${build.war}/cocoon.xconf"/>
> ---------
> From pizza.xconf:
> ---------
> <?xml version="1.0"?>
> <xconf xpath="cocoon/programming-languages/java-language"
>        unless="parameter[@name='compiler']">
>       <!-- Compiler parameter specifies which class to use to compile
> Java.
>            Possible variants are:
>              Javac. Requires javac.jar (included with JDK as
> lib/toools.jar).
>              Pizza. Requires pizza.jar (included with Cocoon
> distribution).
>              Jikes. Requires IBM jikes compiler to be present in the
> PATH  -->
>       <parameter name="compiler"
> value=""/>
> </xconf>
> ---------
> Vadim

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