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From Steven Sedlmeyer <>
Subject Real world experiences with Cocoon2
Date Mon, 04 Mar 2002 17:47:35 GMT
Hello all,

We're in the process of evaluating CMS/site publishing platforms for a
reasonablly large content website and would like to consider using Cocoon2.
We've done some experimentation with the platform but we are unable to
complete a large scale test in the time frame we need.  So, has anyone out
there built a reasonably large (20-25 M pageview/month) website with about
50% or so dynamic content.  We'd be interested in hearing about what you
used for a CMS (rolled your own,whatever), how many servers are required to
support that load with reasonable performance (ie, the site is fast enough
that people don't leave), what has your operational experience been like
(downtime, manageability etc), how hard was the development (it took us 30
PhDs putting in 45 man years of effort or my neighbors highscooler did it in
a week), how easy/hard is it to find people who can develop in cocoon should
I choose to outsource the work.  

Thanks in advance for the input and please feel free to throw in anything
else you think I should know.

Steve Sedlmeyer

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