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From Enke Michael <>
Subject SOLVED: Pool: NoValidConnectionException on jdk1.4 -> Berin, please read this
Date Fri, 29 Mar 2002 08:20:42 GMT
Tonight I found the solution:
We have a ClassCastException. To solve this for jdk1.4:
Get the daily build from excalibur,
change both JdbcConnection to Jdbc3Connection in line 106 in
Thats it. But - THIS IS ONLY FOR JDK1.4, this doesn't wor for jdk < 1.4
To make it relly nice to work for all, Berin will sourround it with
if(instance of JdbcConnection) ... else if(instance of Jdbc3Connection) or something like
won't you Berin?

Happy easter again,

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