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From Sylvain Wallez <>
Subject Re: [UPDATE] Cocoon control flow
Date Sat, 23 Mar 2002 08:45:12 GMT
Ovidiu Predescu wrote:

>Over the past two weeks I've completely overhauled the control flow
>layer in Cocoon. Prompted by Jason's pointer to JavaScript's ability
>to save its state, I've contacted Christopher Oliver, the original
>author of that work. We was very kind and did an amazing work in
>taking his original work and evolving it to implement continuations
>a-la Scheme in JavaScript! Thank you very much for this work,
>Because of his work, I've decided to drop my initial, Scheme only,
>implementation of the control flow layer for Cocoon. This code relied
>on an implementation of the sitemap which was coded entirely in
>Scheme. This made it harder for hooking up control flow engines
>implemented in different languages with first class continuations
>support. It also required me to spend quite some time to re-implement
>the full semantic of the sitemap in Scheme, which was not my original
>The current approach abstracts out the interpreted language, and the
>corresponding interpreter for the control flow. It also makes use of
>Sylvain's excellent interpreted sitemap engine. This implementation
>simply extends the semantics of the current Cocoon sitemap with two
>new features: the ability to specify script files containing control
>flow code, and the ability to invoke functions in such a control flow
>The current work focuses exclusively on the support for JavaScript,
>but in the very near future it will have support for Scheme. All the
>code is checked in the scratchpad area in the schecoon/ directory, so
>you can check it out and comment on it.
>I still have to write an example and documentation for the new
>feature, and how it is supposed to fit within the current Cocoon. But
>I think at this time the current code is fairly complete, and it can
>be used to implement some test applications. There are some issues
>though; I'll talk about them in a later email.
>This is the status of the work as of today. I'll be off to JavaOne for
>the next week, and I'll be checking email now and then. However don't
>expect long replies or anything substantial from me in this time, as
>I'll probably be busy during the day, and perhaps during the night as
>well (looks like parties and BOFs are every day ;-).
>Best regards,
Great work, and thank again to Christopher for his work, which will make 
the flow layer accessible to almost every web developper out there !

I'd like also to give you an update of my part of the work, which is 
implement "internal redirects" in Cocoon (e.g. redirect to 
"cocoon://my-page.html"), to allow the flow engine to send a page back 
using the existing features of the sitemap.

I digged all the related class and finally would where to hook it up 
cleanly : in the Redirector. It should be ready next week, so Ovidiu can 
integrate it when coming back from JavaOne.

Christopher, is your work part of the official Rhino code base ? And if 
not, is there a chance it can make its way inside it ?


Sylvain Wallez
 Anyware Technologies                  Apache Cocoon 

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