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From Michael Wechner <>
Subject Re: Wyona / Xopus (IE vs.Mozilla)
Date Wed, 13 Mar 2002 00:12:14 GMT

Stefano Mazzocchi wrote:

> People, please, don't send HTML emails! they triple the size of the
> message and some email readers don't read it very well.
> Please, be respectful of bandwidth and other's technological means.

Sorry for that. I think I finally found the switch.

> Michael Wechner wrote:
>>One last general remark:
>>I think all of you are too much concentrated on how to implement this
>>stuff technically.
>>It is actually already implemented! Maybe not too good and not on
> Michael, this is *exactly* the problem. You can't say that something is
> implemented around here if it runs on windows only. Currently Xopus is
> partially working from out point of view.

For 70% (or whatever) it is implemented, but I certainly do respect the 
apache-cocoon community and won't argue anymore;-)

>>What I want to say is, that we should more focuse on functional
>>specifications, which
>>certainly doesn't forbid to vote on fixing bugs (which I did), but
>>which will be the
>>foundation for the implementation.
> I'm all for starting such a discussion.

I suggest that we help Laurens and Lon from Q42 getting
their functional specification online, such that we have
a common basis.

Nevertheless, here are some topics I would like to discuss:

1) Context menu:
    You can find a scratch at:

    Actions on "elements" and "attributes": insert before, insert after, 
append, delete, move down, move up.
     What part of the XML Schema do you show?

2) How do you insert (link) multimedia objects

3) If you have a list of articles for instance (referenced by
    XInclude), how do you insert a new one.

4) How do you mix content with "deep" structure (not just a hypertext 
link)? An example would be you want to "highlight" a person or an 
organization within the text, but also want to bind more information to 
it. Do you use XLink and how do you get this XLink into the content?

All the best


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