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From Antti Koivunen <>
Subject Re: Fwd: "Preserving" Rhino State
Date Thu, 07 Mar 2002 07:08:18 GMT
Ovidiu Predescu wrote:
> Unfortunately proper tail recursion, which is one of the key
> requirements for good continuations support, is not supported by
> Rhino. Proper tail recursion refers to the ability of tail recursive
> functions to execute in constant space, e.g. no values are used on the
> stack to invoke tail recursive functions. Tail recursion is a very
> used technique in functional languages and is crucial in implementing
> continuation passing style programs.

OK. I don't know enough to tell whether this is a critical issue, but I 
can imagine situations where extensive recursion might be needed, which 
in turn would mean bigger stacks (and footprint) in normal procedural 

> By looking at the Rhino code, it appears to me to be a lot of work to
> modify it to have such support. Since I'm not familiar with that code,
> and because so many things have to changed, I believe the safest thing
> for us is to continue working on the language we defined for our
> needs. The ideas are quite clear on what we want to do, and the
> implementation should not be too complicated.

OK. While there are many benefits in using a mature implementation, it 
might count even more to have total control over both the syntax and the 
implementation (and a dedicated programmer who knows these inside out ;)

(: A ;)

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