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From TREGAN Fabien <>
Subject RE: [solved] Problem with refactored samples in 2.0.2 release
Date Wed, 27 Mar 2002 07:08:53 GMT
>De: Nicola Ken Barozzi []


>These issues are known.

>In fact the refactored samples are a WIP because the conversion is
>not yet finished.

mmm, WIP is not on the babylon english -> french dictionary :) 

>They are exactly the same samples, just refactored differently from
>a sitemap+dir layout point of view.

Ok. BTW they are working now.
To correcte the bug with the SVG2JPG serializer sample, in
cocoon/samples/hello-world/sitemap.xmap just do :

   <map:match pattern="hello.jpg">
    <map:generate src="content/xml/hello-page.xml"/>
    <map:transform src="style/xsl/simple-page2svg.xsl"/>
    <map:serialize type="svg2jpg"/>  <!-- replace "svg2jpg" by "svg2jp*e*g"


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