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From "Andreas Hartmann" <>
Subject [RT] Configuration front-end
Date Fri, 22 Mar 2002 17:13:07 GMT
Hi Cocoon developers,

I just was about to write a litte Sitemap tutorial for cocooncenter when
my flat-mate entered the room. He remarked that an editor with an intuitive GUI
would make much more sense. If someone who's not absolutely convinced of the
"XSLT doctrine" compares Cocoon to another platform - (e. g., Zope?) - the
lack of a web-based configuration tool could make a significant difference.

- easy and fast configuration
- avoid mistakes
- get more users

- needs time :)
- Cocoon concepts might change during the next time

So I wondered if it is possible to implement a general Cocoon configuration front-end.
In my eyes, it should provide at least the following functionality:

*Functional Requirements*

- good context-sensitive help/documentation
- the user doesn't need to know details about the sitemap vocabulary (components, pipelines,

- create/manipulate URI patterns (URI trees?)
- assign resources and transformations to the patterns
- automatic integration of the necessary components
- define transformations that can be used for several URI patterns
- "templates" for standard websites and general solutions

*Operational Requirements*

- web access (Applet <-> SOAP <-> Servlet ?)
- easy to install
- automatic integration in existing Cocoon installation
  (adding a pipeline for applet invocation)

So, if you think this might be realizable, maybe it's worth implementing a prototype.


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