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From Christian Haul <>
Subject Re: ESQL rewrite proposal
Date Fri, 22 Mar 2002 09:24:53 GMT
On 22.Mar.2002 -- 09:50 AM, Elias Karakoulakis wrote:
> Hello All,
> I have opened a bug case in bugzilla for the ESQL logicsheet: it doesn't
> behave correctly for some kinds of grouped resultsets (<esql:group>). I

I understand that Tim Meyers, the author of the grouping code, is
actively working with you to fix this problem.

> have tried to debug the logicsheet but it's far too complex to understand
> (yet alone debug...) Suffice to say that most logicsheets in the same dir
> are about 10-20kb in size, and esql.xsl is about 55kb (plus the size of
> the accompanying Esql*.java classes)

Indeed, esql is big. But actually, I don't think it is complex. It
might help to strip all references to cocoon version 1 since some
versions we're not in sync with cocoon 1 anymore. So we could just
discard that. Most esql tags are very simple indeed. The more complex
ones deal with iterating over the result and special cases. I doubt
that we could factor out these parts or simplify them.

> A rather daunting question: would it be wise for use to be thinking about
> reimplementing the ESQL logicsheet, just to scale down its complexity? I

I don't think so. If there is a persisting problem with the grouping
code, we should think about refactoring that part. If we can't think
of a reliable way to do it, we should discard that part. But I think
that on the whole esql does a good job as is.

Anyway, if you would like to start a new sql logicsheet, go ahead. But
please make sure that it could live in parallel with esql for a

> have rewritten the xsd schema, simplifying the <esql:get-*>
> elements.. (really, why did there had to be a separate element for each
> datatype?). Another big problem is that of poor documentation: Except from
> the userdoc "howto", there is very little to go from there.. I think that
> starting from a properly documented schema would be of major importance.

What documentation would you like to see? I was planning to give the
user docs another go but that will need some time. If you want to
start with developer docs for esql, I'm sure you will receive from
this list (in particular Torsten and myself) all help that you need.

> I am attaching a schema I derived from the one that I downloaded from
> 2.0.2-dev CVS. It doesn't contain any definitions for grouping
> functionality yet, because I think there's an inherent problem in the
> logicsheet architecture: helper classes like cannot trigger
> events or callbacks, and the result is that there is lot of ugly boolean
> flags all over the place.

Your schema is not complete in various aspects, e.g. the stored
procedure support is missing completely. What kinds of events or
callbacks would you like to see in esql?


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