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From Sam Robertson <>
Subject Re: [RT] Web Wizard Best Practices
Date Mon, 18 Mar 2002 02:22:34 GMT
So Ivelin, if I understand you correctly,
are you suggesting that we would have two points of

1) when the user submits a form via 'action'.
2) when the information stored in the db (or wherever)
is displayed to the user using transformation

Well for (2), I'm not clear on why validation is
The user hasn't even had a chance to do anything with
the information presented to him/her.  If the
information was maintained in the database, it would
need to be valid (I hope).  If some business logic
changed later on, then at the time that the user
submits the form, the validation would take place,
wouldn't it?  Why would we need another validation
before the submission?

I'm having a lot of difficulty understanding where to
place validation when dealing with XML databases like
Xindice.  I would think that it should only be in one
place.  So in your example, whether or not an email
address EXISTS in the xml database OR whether the 
email address entered is VALID -- should happen in one
place.  AFAIU, currently no such unique constraint
validation is offered by these databases.  If anyone
knows otherwise, please let me know.  So in this case,
I would have to get all email addresses in the xml 
documents into a hash or use some DOM API during the
'action', then make sure that the new one that is 
being inserted doesn't already exist.  Then perform
the insert using the XMLDBTransformer. 
Well wouldn't it be really cool (and faster!) if I
could do both the unique key validation and the insert
in one place?

Sorry if this email leans more towards xml databases. 
I need some help clearing these concepts and
especially why something like this doesn't already
exist so please go easy on me.

Ivelin, I have tried your new xmlform example and it
rocks!  Waiting to see Torsten's examples now.


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